Friday, May 22, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 2

Day 2 brings me to work on the head. Fairly simple task of separating the pieces and putting them back together again. But I removed all the stickers on this one. (the eyes and the blue strip on the crest piece)

How the original head looked like before reconstruction. Stickers already applied to the eyes and  that high protruding head thing...

With stickers removed.

Using Gundam markers for this one. I have the normal black and meta-green. (metallic green)

With the black painted on. I started with the recessed area first (black) before the raised area (the eyes). I let it dry before applying the green eye paint.

With the metallic green painted on the eyes.

At the end of this exercise, I have these parts all cleaned up and (re)built.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 1

I got this Gundam kit fully built already, actually. It was included in the "Balikbayan Box" my mother-in-law sent over a couple of months back. This probably belonged to her grandson. Since my mother-in-law is familiar with my toy collection (she sees it whenever she goes back to the Philippines), she probably thought it would fit my collection, too. LOL!

Anyway, I decided to "re-build" this kit because of some very obvious reasons that you will see in the pictures. It had excess nubs sticking out everywhere. It had a cracked shoulder, and it had lots of areas that were not properly connected and left gaps.

Another problem is that it is missing its head crest. :( I'll probably salvage one from another kit or something. Or maybe scratch build one if I have a lot free time. (The latter being near impossible to get)

Anyway, here's what happened on the first day... night... first 2 hours... whatever...

Got two kits, actually - the Aegis Gundam and the (TransAm) Reborns Gundam, I think. Came in a plastic bag with parts scattered. I had to make a quick assemble to find out what it looks like. And the picture above is what it looks like out of the plastic bag. :)

You can see the excess nubs sticking out all over the body of this Gundam. Also, it's right side skirt has a broken tab.

Missing the head crest... So sad, Aegis...

Starting slow, I tried prying apart the shield first and the rifle. Good thing this is a snap-on kit and my nephew-in-law didn't try to cement the parts together or super glue the thing. It came apart. No problem.

After the shield and rifle was corrected, I tried the still functioning (left) side skirt. Still no problem there. I pulled everything apart, cleaned up the nubs and cemented the thing.

One of the arms next. I pry them apart with a small utility knife, by the way. Don't use a cutter or hobby knife unless you want a broken blade flying towards your face by accident!

This is the broken skirt with a round peg. The peg is stuck to the ABS connector and broke. Good thing you can easily push out that broken piece from the other end with a stick or something that fits the hole.

Broken piece removed and the part it originally connects to.

Used cement on this one to bond the two pieces together. Then applied 2-3 more coats around the crack area for good measure.

Fixed connector peg. Yay!

This is the broken shoulder plate. There's a piece of tape stuck in there when I got it. It probably snapped before assembly, and as damage control, it was stuck together with tape before fitting.

The broken shoulder piece minus the tape that held it together.

I used cement to bond it together and made sure the piece was properly aligned. Otherwise, It might leave a gap when assembled.

That ends my experience for the first day...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

Ever since I've seen the original Astray Red Frame way back in early 2000 something, I've always been attracted to the design of this Gundam. Maybe it's the rogue samurai look or something. I've always been tempted to buy it, but I never bought one for some strange reason.

Until recently.

When I saw the newer Kai version on sale at Wasabitoys (one of my old time fave hobby shops in GH, alongside GTO), I just had to put all my doubts aside. Finally, it arrived on our doorstep one afternoon... (while I was working on sketches)

Now I have to make a choice of whether I build this Red Frame kit first or my HMM Liger Zero. After much thought, I am leaning more on the Liger. Because I have 2 more variants of it to build - The Panzer and the Schneider. I will use this Gundam kit as an "in-between" for my Liger builds because I'm sure the basic Liger build is similar and it may become boring building them continuously. I'll probably also use my unbuilt Armored VF-25 Ozma and VF-27 Lucifer as in-betweens, too. Just to make the experience less repetitive for me. :)

Also, I have some "re-building" to finish first before any of these kits gets started. I'll probably detail that in my next post. Hint: It's still Gundam.

Also, I still have WORK to do. Lots of it! So good luck to me. ^_^"

Test Fitting the Hasegawa 1:48 VF-1S

I decide to test fit my Hasegawa VF-1S Strike Valk to see how it all looks together. So far, I like the results. Now, the biggest challenge to tackle is the painting process next... which takes a looooong time considering the amount of work I do in a day. ^_^"

Went with the Micromissile launchers and the RMS-1s for the weapons. It is from a separate kit - 1:48 Valkyrie Weapon Set. Left out the AMM-1 missiles. They don't use it in space anyway. I think.

Another view of the kit. The cockpit cover is not included here.

Back view. Looking good!

Compared to my 1:72 VF-25 Alto with Super Parts.

Back to box the pieces go! When I get to start painting? I never know.

I still have to finish painting my Kotobukiya HMM Naomi Gunsniper and Shadow Fox, too!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

First post. What do I say?

Okay. So yesterday, I felt like a good boy because I made 3 sets of work and I felt like I was on track. To reward myself, I decided to play some impromptu RPG/Fantasy games with my kids. So I gave them a short "just kill the monster terrorizing the villagers" kind of quest. My kids aced that one! (Because I am a kind dungeon master. LOL!!!)

After that, our youngest, Nick, wanted to test run his own fantasy game. So I said, "Let's go!" It was a "part choose your own adventure, part kill the creatures, part find the green key and open chests" kind of game. But I'm glad that he has this kind of imagination. His big bro, Vince, wants to be a game maker someday, too. He has a knack of making his own adventure game as well.

I kind of miss these short play sessions with my kids. It's maybe... what?... months ago when we last played like this. It was always work, work, work for me all the time.

I'll try to make more time for them in the following days...

Pen and paper RPGs! Nothing beats the classics!!!