Saturday, May 16, 2015

First post. What do I say?

Okay. So yesterday, I felt like a good boy because I made 3 sets of work and I felt like I was on track. To reward myself, I decided to play some impromptu RPG/Fantasy games with my kids. So I gave them a short "just kill the monster terrorizing the villagers" kind of quest. My kids aced that one! (Because I am a kind dungeon master. LOL!!!)

After that, our youngest, Nick, wanted to test run his own fantasy game. So I said, "Let's go!" It was a "part choose your own adventure, part kill the creatures, part find the green key and open chests" kind of game. But I'm glad that he has this kind of imagination. His big bro, Vince, wants to be a game maker someday, too. He has a knack of making his own adventure game as well.

I kind of miss these short play sessions with my kids. It's maybe... what?... months ago when we last played like this. It was always work, work, work for me all the time.

I'll try to make more time for them in the following days...

Pen and paper RPGs! Nothing beats the classics!!!

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