Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

Ever since I've seen the original Astray Red Frame way back in early 2000 something, I've always been attracted to the design of this Gundam. Maybe it's the rogue samurai look or something. I've always been tempted to buy it, but I never bought one for some strange reason.

Until recently.

When I saw the newer Kai version on sale at Wasabitoys (one of my old time fave hobby shops in GH, alongside GTO), I just had to put all my doubts aside. Finally, it arrived on our doorstep one afternoon... (while I was working on sketches)

Now I have to make a choice of whether I build this Red Frame kit first or my HMM Liger Zero. After much thought, I am leaning more on the Liger. Because I have 2 more variants of it to build - The Panzer and the Schneider. I will use this Gundam kit as an "in-between" for my Liger builds because I'm sure the basic Liger build is similar and it may become boring building them continuously. I'll probably also use my unbuilt Armored VF-25 Ozma and VF-27 Lucifer as in-betweens, too. Just to make the experience less repetitive for me. :)

Also, I have some "re-building" to finish first before any of these kits gets started. I'll probably detail that in my next post. Hint: It's still Gundam.

Also, I still have WORK to do. Lots of it! So good luck to me. ^_^"

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