Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 1

I got this Gundam kit fully built already, actually. It was included in the "Balikbayan Box" my mother-in-law sent over a couple of months back. This probably belonged to her grandson. Since my mother-in-law is familiar with my toy collection (she sees it whenever she goes back to the Philippines), she probably thought it would fit my collection, too. LOL!

Anyway, I decided to "re-build" this kit because of some very obvious reasons that you will see in the pictures. It had excess nubs sticking out everywhere. It had a cracked shoulder, and it had lots of areas that were not properly connected and left gaps.

Another problem is that it is missing its head crest. :( I'll probably salvage one from another kit or something. Or maybe scratch build one if I have a lot free time. (The latter being near impossible to get)

Anyway, here's what happened on the first day... night... first 2 hours... whatever...

Got two kits, actually - the Aegis Gundam and the (TransAm) Reborns Gundam, I think. Came in a plastic bag with parts scattered. I had to make a quick assemble to find out what it looks like. And the picture above is what it looks like out of the plastic bag. :)

You can see the excess nubs sticking out all over the body of this Gundam. Also, it's right side skirt has a broken tab.

Missing the head crest... So sad, Aegis...

Starting slow, I tried prying apart the shield first and the rifle. Good thing this is a snap-on kit and my nephew-in-law didn't try to cement the parts together or super glue the thing. It came apart. No problem.

After the shield and rifle was corrected, I tried the still functioning (left) side skirt. Still no problem there. I pulled everything apart, cleaned up the nubs and cemented the thing.

One of the arms next. I pry them apart with a small utility knife, by the way. Don't use a cutter or hobby knife unless you want a broken blade flying towards your face by accident!

This is the broken skirt with a round peg. The peg is stuck to the ABS connector and broke. Good thing you can easily push out that broken piece from the other end with a stick or something that fits the hole.

Broken piece removed and the part it originally connects to.

Used cement on this one to bond the two pieces together. Then applied 2-3 more coats around the crack area for good measure.

Fixed connector peg. Yay!

This is the broken shoulder plate. There's a piece of tape stuck in there when I got it. It probably snapped before assembly, and as damage control, it was stuck together with tape before fitting.

The broken shoulder piece minus the tape that held it together.

I used cement to bond it together and made sure the piece was properly aligned. Otherwise, It might leave a gap when assembled.

That ends my experience for the first day...

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