Friday, May 22, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 2

Day 2 brings me to work on the head. Fairly simple task of separating the pieces and putting them back together again. But I removed all the stickers on this one. (the eyes and the blue strip on the crest piece)

How the original head looked like before reconstruction. Stickers already applied to the eyes and  that high protruding head thing...

With stickers removed.

Using Gundam markers for this one. I have the normal black and meta-green. (metallic green)

With the black painted on. I started with the recessed area first (black) before the raised area (the eyes). I let it dry before applying the green eye paint.

With the metallic green painted on the eyes.

At the end of this exercise, I have these parts all cleaned up and (re)built.

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