Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finished the Gundam Red Frame Astray Kai

Yup! Finished it last night. Straight build only. Only thing left to do is the stand for the weapons (action base 2).

Might paint it someday if the weather cooperates with me.

 Both the Gerbera Straight and the Tiger Pierce have inscriptions on the tang like a real sword. That is awesome detail, Bandai! Shown above is only the Gerbera Straight. Too bad there is no real distinction between the two aside from the inscriptions. I was hoping the Gerbera will be a tad longer. I'll probably paint the tsuba of the 2 differently? Maybe one in gold and one in copper...

UPDATED: The one above shows the 2 swords on the hips/thighs, and the wing form of the Tactical Arms II. The supplied Action Base 2 should only support the TA II in its various forms, but it can also lift the Red Frame along with the TA II. With a bit of wobbliness though.

Dismantled, sadly. I'm prepping it for detail painting. I should break up all that red and white and give it an RG-like color separation. But since it is almost always raining here. It will have to wait. A long time.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai Update

So many things happened and I just had no time to post anything.

In the absence of posts, I have been busy with lots of builds already - the HMM Liger Zero, the Gundam RX-78-2 ver. 3.0, and the rebuild of the /144 Trans-Am Reborns Gundam.

This Astray Red Frame followed suit right after the RX-78-2 build (which I think will require some minor clean up here and there... and maybe some paint).

Anyway, I'll just leave some pics...

So currently, I am working on the backpack and weapons of this guy. Finished build will probably be in a week or two.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Random Stuff to Share

So my we were at a mall last month and I couldn't help but snicker when I saw this movie poster:

"Tita" means "aunt" in our country. So you have an idea what I was smiling at. Maybe the cinema people shouldn't have clipped the edge of the poster. Or maybe... just maybe... the layout artist for the poster didn't give a lot of allowance on the poster edges.

On another note, we have been playing this game a few weeks before our kids 2015 school year...

LIFE! Minions Edition!!!

That spinning roulette never ceases to mesmerize me...

It's a simpler, faster version of the original life game. You get banana bucks for some actions. The winner is the first person to get 5 bunches of bananas. (You can steal from others in the game, too!)

Wish they added careers like "ninja" or "hitman for hire" or something. Hehehe!

That's me - the minion with the mustache. 

Lastly, a question from our youngest that made me think - "What the - ?! I didn't think of that."

With regards to the latest Avengers Age of Ultron: If Quicksilver is really that fast that he can see Thor's hammer flying like a bird in slow-mo, wouldn't he be able to let go just as fast? Instead of getting swept away with the hammer? (He can even try multiple times trying to pull the hammer off its trajectory.)

That made sense.

Finished HG Aegis Gundam... NOT!

Only thing to re-build here is the other leg...


And it's done!!!

Still missing that V-Fin. Maybe I'll build one from scratch. Maybe I'll just let it be.

All it needs now is some panel lining (just minimal panel lines on an HG) and the top coat...

I feel complete!!!

Then after a few days, just before I decided to topcoat, this happens!

The faulty peg came right off... again! Darn it!

The plastic cement didn't do it's job right. Maybe I put less than what should have been applied. So top coating is set back until I fix this.

So I filed the connecting ends to make sure it's nice and flat.

Flat ends meet.
Drilled a hole on the side skirt with the same diameter as the peg. (I think it was a regular 3mm peg). Then cleaned up both pieces before applying a more generous helping in cement.

Be careful not to drill right through. Just enough so the peg can be cradled in the hole. After this step, the peg will be shorter, but as long as it still fits well on the side skirt connector on the Aegis hip, it's okay.

Done with this problem. I'll let it stay for a few days before test fitting.

To be honest, I did screw up because the peg was in a slight angle. I forgot to use my router to level the base of connection on the skirt. But who'll know about it anyway?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 4

The clean up continues...

Worked on the other side skirt/booster/gigantic fin... pardon me I am not familiar with the terms.

Started in this condition...

Cleaned up and ready to go. left scratches in there for good measure. Just kidding! I accidentally picked some plastic cement on my fingers while manipulating stuff. Easily cleaned up with sandpaper. No prob.

Then the rest of the torso comes in next. mainly, the chest and the main stem connecting everything together...

Steady as she goes, Captain! 

Everything would have been smooth sailing if not for the chest portion itself. The problem with splitting the main (pink) area shown below, is that the inner half is recessed. Pulling on to the blue grey area and hoping the inner portion pops out is a big no-no! Obviously, the blue grey pieces are connected by a thin rod of plastic. Using it as a lever will snap it in two and give me additional work.

So I tried my very best to be patient and stuck a knife on the grooves. It was snapped in there pretty good and gave me a hard time.

The top portion of this piece has some plastic scraped off. That's where I started tearing into the grooves.

Eventually, the thing split apart without tearing the blue grays apart. But one of the round pegs still broke! Nothing cement won't fix though. Easier remedied this way.

I cut the excess plastic stuck in the slot, so the other half has something solid to hold on to when re-attached.

The main stem gets the clean up treatment next...

If you lose this piece, you're screwed. LOL!

After that, the upper body is done! But the right shoulder armor is very loose and tends to droop every time. So a bit of Wipe and Shine will do the trick. :)

Upper body finished! Kinda gives me the feeling that my hard will pay off soon. But the right (originally cracked) shoulder armor always wants to droop...

It doesn't only shine your floors. It will tighten joints on your toys as well. :) With a large bottle, you have years worth of joint repair material. LOL!

I wanted to rest for the night already, but I was curious with how the legs work, so...

One last thing to do before retiring for day 4...

The one on the left is the untouched leg. The one on the right is the cleaned up one.

That ends day 4 for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 3

It's been a while. The 2015 school year is about to start and we've been making trips and stuff recently. So there has been much delay on... well... almost everything I've been doing.

Anyway, the recent events have nothing to do with delaying this kit re-build. It's already been finished. The delay is on the posts. Hehe!

Anyway, without further ado...

Day 3 is mainly for the torso. The first 2 days was a slow start because I was being cautious and wanted to test if this kit is indeed possible to rebuild without too much extra stuff to add into the mix (like scratch building). So I wanted to do the simpler stuff first like weapons and the head. Stuff with minimum parts count.

As you can see in the picture below, the torso suffers from really excessive nubs sticking out. Some of these hinder the parts from properly aligning together.

Lots of extra plastic sticking out of places. I have a feeling that the original builder was twisting the parts out of the sprues or cutting it haphazardly with a knife or something...

Since the Aegis is a transforming mobile suit,  it has a lot of shifting parts which I wanted to be extra careful with. Even though I have the instructions, I didn't want to split apart everything and mistakenly attach similar pieces in the wrong place. This is because when I build something out of the box, a new kit, I trim the parts off the sprue one at a time and attach these as instructed. I am super careful that way.

I started with the crotch plate/guard (or whatever you call it). Left a pin on one side...

It happens when one of the slots are too tight. Which is good, actually, so your kit doesn't  fall apart.

Trimmed everything and used cement on all parts, especially on the broken peg.

Plastic cement mixture on everything to keep it in place.

Looking good so far!

Next are the arms that hold the... ummm... actual arms of the mobile suit and the chest together. These also have excess plastic that will hamper the movement of it when transforming the Aegis. I won't be transforming it anyway, but I wanted it to look clean, nonetheless. (I have to admit that I am not a big fan of transforming Gundams as a plastic kit. Nor any other transforming kits for that matter. VF-25s, I am looking at you guys!)

You can kill someone with those nubs!!!

Split these apart, cleaned up and cemented together.

The large rear fin went through the same process...

Split, clean, assemble, and cement! Repeat as necessary... (before I'd probably add clean with detergent to the mix, but I don't have time for that extra step.)

By the end of my build session for the day, I have these done...

Almost done!

Until the next daily re-build!!!