Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finished the Gundam Red Frame Astray Kai

Yup! Finished it last night. Straight build only. Only thing left to do is the stand for the weapons (action base 2).

Might paint it someday if the weather cooperates with me.

 Both the Gerbera Straight and the Tiger Pierce have inscriptions on the tang like a real sword. That is awesome detail, Bandai! Shown above is only the Gerbera Straight. Too bad there is no real distinction between the two aside from the inscriptions. I was hoping the Gerbera will be a tad longer. I'll probably paint the tsuba of the 2 differently? Maybe one in gold and one in copper...

UPDATED: The one above shows the 2 swords on the hips/thighs, and the wing form of the Tactical Arms II. The supplied Action Base 2 should only support the TA II in its various forms, but it can also lift the Red Frame along with the TA II. With a bit of wobbliness though.

Dismantled, sadly. I'm prepping it for detail painting. I should break up all that red and white and give it an RG-like color separation. But since it is almost always raining here. It will have to wait. A long time.

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