Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finished HG Aegis Gundam... NOT!

Only thing to re-build here is the other leg...


And it's done!!!

Still missing that V-Fin. Maybe I'll build one from scratch. Maybe I'll just let it be.

All it needs now is some panel lining (just minimal panel lines on an HG) and the top coat...

I feel complete!!!

Then after a few days, just before I decided to topcoat, this happens!

The faulty peg came right off... again! Darn it!

The plastic cement didn't do it's job right. Maybe I put less than what should have been applied. So top coating is set back until I fix this.

So I filed the connecting ends to make sure it's nice and flat.

Flat ends meet.
Drilled a hole on the side skirt with the same diameter as the peg. (I think it was a regular 3mm peg). Then cleaned up both pieces before applying a more generous helping in cement.

Be careful not to drill right through. Just enough so the peg can be cradled in the hole. After this step, the peg will be shorter, but as long as it still fits well on the side skirt connector on the Aegis hip, it's okay.

Done with this problem. I'll let it stay for a few days before test fitting.

To be honest, I did screw up because the peg was in a slight angle. I forgot to use my router to level the base of connection on the skirt. But who'll know about it anyway?

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