Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Random Stuff to Share

So my we were at a mall last month and I couldn't help but snicker when I saw this movie poster:

"Tita" means "aunt" in our country. So you have an idea what I was smiling at. Maybe the cinema people shouldn't have clipped the edge of the poster. Or maybe... just maybe... the layout artist for the poster didn't give a lot of allowance on the poster edges.

On another note, we have been playing this game a few weeks before our kids 2015 school year...

LIFE! Minions Edition!!!

That spinning roulette never ceases to mesmerize me...

It's a simpler, faster version of the original life game. You get banana bucks for some actions. The winner is the first person to get 5 bunches of bananas. (You can steal from others in the game, too!)

Wish they added careers like "ninja" or "hitman for hire" or something. Hehehe!

That's me - the minion with the mustache. 

Lastly, a question from our youngest that made me think - "What the - ?! I didn't think of that."

With regards to the latest Avengers Age of Ultron: If Quicksilver is really that fast that he can see Thor's hammer flying like a bird in slow-mo, wouldn't he be able to let go just as fast? Instead of getting swept away with the hammer? (He can even try multiple times trying to pull the hammer off its trajectory.)

That made sense.

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