Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 3

It's been a while. The 2015 school year is about to start and we've been making trips and stuff recently. So there has been much delay on... well... almost everything I've been doing.

Anyway, the recent events have nothing to do with delaying this kit re-build. It's already been finished. The delay is on the posts. Hehe!

Anyway, without further ado...

Day 3 is mainly for the torso. The first 2 days was a slow start because I was being cautious and wanted to test if this kit is indeed possible to rebuild without too much extra stuff to add into the mix (like scratch building). So I wanted to do the simpler stuff first like weapons and the head. Stuff with minimum parts count.

As you can see in the picture below, the torso suffers from really excessive nubs sticking out. Some of these hinder the parts from properly aligning together.

Lots of extra plastic sticking out of places. I have a feeling that the original builder was twisting the parts out of the sprues or cutting it haphazardly with a knife or something...

Since the Aegis is a transforming mobile suit,  it has a lot of shifting parts which I wanted to be extra careful with. Even though I have the instructions, I didn't want to split apart everything and mistakenly attach similar pieces in the wrong place. This is because when I build something out of the box, a new kit, I trim the parts off the sprue one at a time and attach these as instructed. I am super careful that way.

I started with the crotch plate/guard (or whatever you call it). Left a pin on one side...

It happens when one of the slots are too tight. Which is good, actually, so your kit doesn't  fall apart.

Trimmed everything and used cement on all parts, especially on the broken peg.

Plastic cement mixture on everything to keep it in place.

Looking good so far!

Next are the arms that hold the... ummm... actual arms of the mobile suit and the chest together. These also have excess plastic that will hamper the movement of it when transforming the Aegis. I won't be transforming it anyway, but I wanted it to look clean, nonetheless. (I have to admit that I am not a big fan of transforming Gundams as a plastic kit. Nor any other transforming kits for that matter. VF-25s, I am looking at you guys!)

You can kill someone with those nubs!!!

Split these apart, cleaned up and cemented together.

The large rear fin went through the same process...

Split, clean, assemble, and cement! Repeat as necessary... (before I'd probably add clean with detergent to the mix, but I don't have time for that extra step.)

By the end of my build session for the day, I have these done...

Almost done!

Until the next daily re-build!!!

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