Friday, June 5, 2015

Rebuilding the 1/144 HG Aegis Gundam DAY 4

The clean up continues...

Worked on the other side skirt/booster/gigantic fin... pardon me I am not familiar with the terms.

Started in this condition...

Cleaned up and ready to go. left scratches in there for good measure. Just kidding! I accidentally picked some plastic cement on my fingers while manipulating stuff. Easily cleaned up with sandpaper. No prob.

Then the rest of the torso comes in next. mainly, the chest and the main stem connecting everything together...

Steady as she goes, Captain! 

Everything would have been smooth sailing if not for the chest portion itself. The problem with splitting the main (pink) area shown below, is that the inner half is recessed. Pulling on to the blue grey area and hoping the inner portion pops out is a big no-no! Obviously, the blue grey pieces are connected by a thin rod of plastic. Using it as a lever will snap it in two and give me additional work.

So I tried my very best to be patient and stuck a knife on the grooves. It was snapped in there pretty good and gave me a hard time.

The top portion of this piece has some plastic scraped off. That's where I started tearing into the grooves.

Eventually, the thing split apart without tearing the blue grays apart. But one of the round pegs still broke! Nothing cement won't fix though. Easier remedied this way.

I cut the excess plastic stuck in the slot, so the other half has something solid to hold on to when re-attached.

The main stem gets the clean up treatment next...

If you lose this piece, you're screwed. LOL!

After that, the upper body is done! But the right shoulder armor is very loose and tends to droop every time. So a bit of Wipe and Shine will do the trick. :)

Upper body finished! Kinda gives me the feeling that my hard will pay off soon. But the right (originally cracked) shoulder armor always wants to droop...

It doesn't only shine your floors. It will tighten joints on your toys as well. :) With a large bottle, you have years worth of joint repair material. LOL!

I wanted to rest for the night already, but I was curious with how the legs work, so...

One last thing to do before retiring for day 4...

The one on the left is the untouched leg. The one on the right is the cleaned up one.

That ends day 4 for me.

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