Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1/144 Gundam Portent Improvement Plans

I've been waiting to post something about this kit for a long time, so maybe I can spare a few minutes to share it here.

This kit was actually a Father's Day gift from my wife and kids. It was given to me accompanied by the Portent Flyer expansion kit.

I have finished building it in one day because it's only an HG and I wanted to improve on the kit a bit more since I am inspired by Gundam Build Fighters Series (I watch it with my kids who also got to love the show. They don't want the war-oriented Gundam series that much.)

Here's what I did:
Kotobukiya rivets, hatches and cylinders! I plan to put some in the kit.

Covering the stuff I don't want sprayed with topcoat. Used sticky tack and molded in with a toothpick.

"I can't see!"

The back of the ankle is just too plain. I should add something...

Rivets for my idea!

The left one is bare, the right one has the extra rivet piece. It was glued in with plastic cement.

Drilled some small holes on some places (left side leg) to add some interesting details in there. Shia (the pilot) will kill me for drilling holes on her beautiful mobile suit.

Originally wanted a small hole on the sides of the feet, but I changed my mind - rivet all the way!

More drilling on the arms!

More drilling on the bottom of the feet! I feel like a mole!

Next: Flat coat spray and color detailing!!!

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