Monday, July 6, 2015

Quick nipper comparison

Okay, so since I mentioned my newly acquired 3 Peaks Pro Plastic Nipper last post, I need to compare it to my old Mineshima nipper. Is the purchase worth it?

Looks nice! Feels a tad bit heftier than my old one. But does it cut like it looks?

First, let's compare the two visually:

The 3 Peaks on the left has a plastic "spring" in between the handles. The old Mineshima has a small conventional spring near the pivot point.

The old Mineshima on the left has a thicker blade, while the 3 Peaks has a thinner blade. All the better to get into tight spots on the runner. Both nippers make flat cuts, by the way.

Of course the newer 3 Peaks is shinier! The old one has seen better days...

But how does it actually cut (3 Peaks Pro Nipper)?

The picture above probably won't show it, but the nipper cuts through plastic like butter and has a clean flat cut on the plastic. 

Here's a small piece from my Red Frame Astray with a bit of the gate part.

After cutting flush against the plastic piece, it leaves very little clean up for my knife.

So to conclude, the new 3-Peaks is very much worth the price. It's not as pricey as the praised "God Hand" models, and it's probably not as clean cutting, too. But I think this will work well for my needs. Only question is: how long will it take before the blade dulls? My old Mineshima may have lost its edge, but it can still cut well without getting the blade nicked or damaged. My concern with the new one is the thinner blade is more susceptible to damage and bend (if it accidentally falls off a good distance to the ground).

But that is where the following serves it purpose...

This morning I cut some matching pieces of thin foam board (matched to size of my nippers, of course). Glued the matching pieces with rubber cement, trimmed the edges, and voila! Nipper protectors! 

Yay!!! Can't be too careful, yes?

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