Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some stuff came in last week...

Some of the new hauls I got these past few days, weeks, months, whatever...

The MG Unicorn + MS Cage HD Color. Recently, the Gundam UC OVA featuring the Unicorn Gundam has been playing over and over in my head, and I wonder why a masterpiece Gundam anime like this has slipped under my radar for a long time. That is my opinion at least. To think that I always scoffed at the Unicorn and thought it was a big marketing ploy by Bandai to buy more plamo. Now I understand why it is so popular!

Checking in with the contents, you are greeted with a vast amount of runners. The leftmost partition is dedicated to the MS Cage only. Cool!

Checked all the parts (like I always do) and everything is in order. Now it will lined up on my my "to-do" list.

Snake! Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaake!!! I'll use this dude for my new pose reference dude. Because I'm drawing a  lot of military/police/people with guns stuff for Kingdom of Assassins. Check it out:

Snake even comes with his trademark undercover equipment... if you can call it that.

Next off, the MG Sinanju OVA version. You can't have the Gundam Unicorn without his nemesis, right? Plus, I've heard praises for this kit. So off to the to-do list, Sinanju! See you again in a few months. :)

These two I ordered from Amiami. It will help me greatly in my kit building. On the left is a decal tray. Yeah, yeah! You can use a small tray, plate, bottle cap, etc. to wet your waterslides. Why do I have to buy this one? Well, it will kinda make my life better because you can actually drain the water instantly (or faster) by lifting the drain tray off the bottom water tray. Plus, you can use that comb to scoop out your decal, too. But I am getting too much ahead of myself. That is what I imagine the use would be. I'll still have to try it out someday. 

I bought the nipper from 3 Peaks because my older Mineshima nipper is starting to show age. It's still relatively effective. I'll probably use both the old and new in tandem to not overuse the newer nipper and dull its edge.

That is all for now!

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